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The Sunset Hills Children’s Foundation

Since 2007, the Sunset Hills Children’s Foundation has provided aid to help children and their families get through the horrible loss of a parent or loved one. When a child loses a parent or loved one, it can be devastating and cause trauma that could affect them the rest of their life. Sunset Hills Children’s Foundation is there to help them recover from the terrible loss and to help them and their families cope.


They provide a safe place that allows children to deal with their emotions and grieve as well as better understand why the tragic event happened and how to deal with it. They have support groups for children of all ages. Children talk with volunteers and professionals who help them process what they are going through.

In addition, they have a scholarship program that awards one $20,000 scholarship per year to a teen in the High Desert area who has suffered through a tragedy. The scholarship is awarded to a school of their choice and can be an enormous help for paying for college which will lead to a successful and fulfilled life. This is especially important if the tragedy impacted the family financially, like it usually does.

The Sunset Hills Children’s Foundation Scholarship has been rewarded six times in seven years. It has positively impacted the recipient’s lives.

The 2014 recipient, Morgan Oakley lost his father in a tragic car accident. Oakley was only a sophomore in high school when he responded to the scene and saw his father’s body. His cousin and cousin’s friend was in the car and he was there when an oncoming car ran over his cousin’s friend again and when paramedics came. Unfortunately, his dad was killed on impact.

Since his father’s death, Morgan has dedicated his life to helping others and making the world a better place, which is what his father wanted for him. His goal upon graduating high school was to go to college and take liberal science classes and become a U.S. Air Force helicopter pilot so he could help make the world a better place and he is able to do that thanks to the Sunset Hills Children’s Foundation Scholarship.

It also offers the Ryan Cambridge Memorial Scholarship. Ryan Cambridge was a contractor who helped a lot of businesses in the community. His memory lives on in the $5,000 scholarship awarded annually.

charityThe Sunset Hills Children’s Foundation is sponsored by Rancho Motor Company. Rancho Motor Company has been serving High Desert since 1971. They are a car dealer who believes strongly in helping the community they reside in and because of that they are heavily involved in the Sunset Hills Children’s Foundation, giving them the support they need to continue their excellent work and to help make a difference in children’s and teens’ lives. Rancho sells new and used vehicles and has a body shop that repairs collision damage. They are the only dealer-owned body shop in Desert Hill and they are as dedicated to helping your car recover from an accident as they are to helping children recover from traumatic losses of loved ones.

Their work with the Sunset Hills Children’s Foundation has helped the nonprofit expand their support programs and give back to children in need, as well as help them give out the life-changing Sunset Hills Children’s Foundation scholarship every year. Rancho is always willing to give back to their communities, and their work with the Sunset Hills Children’s Foundation is one way this local car dealership is changing lives and helping children and teens recover from the loss of a parent or loved one.